White fillings

Restore your smile & confidence with a natural looking filling

White fillings in Stourbridge

Cosmetic tooth coloured fillings have seen an increase in popularity – providing an inconspicuous alternative to traditional silver-coloured amalgam fillings.

Made from a composite resin, we’ll match the colour to your existing teeth so that they blend in seamlessly.

Is treatment difficult?

Treatment is very straightforward; we’ll use a local anaesthetic to prevent any pain or discomfort.

The whole process will be carried out in one visit, and we’ll be able to match the colour of your filling to your tooth for a natural result.

Are amalgam fillings safe?

Amalgam fillings, often known as “mercury fillings” – have traditionally been used (for over 150 years), but in recent years some health concerns have been raised, as they can release small amounts of mercury vapour.

There is further research into their safety, though currently, there’s no evidence to suggest that this is harmful to your health, mercury fillings are being phased out as part of the “Minamata Convention”, which aims to reduce the amount of mercury in the environment.

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